05 March 2010

GPPi and Brookings hold conference on nuclear energy in Potsdam

The Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi), in cooperation with the Brookings Institution, held a conference entitled "Towards a Nuclear Power Renaissance? Challenges for Global Energy Governance"  on 4 - 5 March 2010 at the Hotel Griebnitzsee in Potsdam.

The conference included approximately 40 participants from Germany, Europe and the United States. Speakers addressed questions regarding the recent surge in new nuclear power projects around the world, and in this context focused specifically on the implications for climate change, the economics of nuclear power, issues around long-term waste management, the proliferation of nuclear material and technology as well as uranium supply issues.

The conference did not attempt to find conclusive answers to the many open questions that are associated with the apparent renaissance of nuclear power. It  certainly also did not try to build consensus around issues that for decades have been characterized by emotional and often highly divisive debates. Yet, it was the intention of this conference to provide an opportunity for constructive debate.

The event was part of GPPi’s Transatlantic Energy Governance Dialogues series which was launched in 2007 and is embedded into GPPi’s global energy governance research program, of which more information can be found at www.globalenergygovernance.net. GPPi’s Transatlantic Energy Governance Dialogues program seeks to contribute to building a strategic community around key energy governance issues. The meetings bring together professionals representing government, business, the research community and civil society. During the past three years, GPPi has held six dialogue sessions addressing some of the most pressing issues in the energy security debate, including the effect of the “new consumers” (China and India) on global energy markets as well as the future governance of the global oil market.

Participants at the event included, among others, Ambassador Peter GOTTWALD, German Federal Foreign Office; Nathan HULTMAN, University of Maryland; Wolfgang DIRSCHAUER, Vattenfall Europe AG; R. Andreas KRAEMER, Ecologic Institute, Washington DC; Jean-Paul GLATZ, Joint Research Centre, European Commission; Joachim PFEIFFER, Member of German Parliament and Speaker for Political and Economic Affairs,CDU-CSU; Jean-Pol PONCELET, AREVA; Urban RID, German Federal Ministry for Environment; Benjamin K. SOVACOOL, National University of Singapore; Sharon SQUASSONI, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS); and Yuri YUDIN, United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR)

To download the conference booklet, please click here.

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